There are two ways to get to Kangaroo Island - by ferry or plane. Information on each service is listed below or in the highlighted links.

Many visitors choose to tour Kangaroo Island's great attractions with their own car at their own leisure. The sealed roads go to all main attractions and are simple to navigate and safe to drive on during the day. Alternatively, there are many tour companies to choose from which can be found on our touring page. Tours vary from large tour buses with SeaLink to more personalised 4WD tour operators such as Exceptional Kangaroo Island and KI Hire a Guide.

There are no local taxi services or public transport available on Kangaroo Island but there are transfers available from the ferry or airport which an be arranged in advance.

Kangaroo Island Transfers provide door to door connections and offer a range of services in all areas. Bookings are preferred and can be made through KI Transfers.


The ferry leaves from the mainland at Cape Jervis on the mainland which is about 1.5 - 2 hours' drive from the city of Adelaide.  The ferry company is called Kangaroo Island SeaLink and bookings can be made through their website or by phone on 13 13 01. The ferry trip is about 40 minutes plus docking and off-loading time which ends up taking about an hour total. The ferry lands on Kangaroo Island at a town called Penneshaw which is a 45 minute drive to Kingscote which is where the Kangaroo Island Seaside Inn is located. You can transport cars or even large vehicles such as camper vans or trailers over on the ferry or you can hire cars on the island through both Budget and Hertz.

Kangaroo Island Kingscote Airport


Planes leave for KI from the main terminal at Adelaide Airport about three times a day. The plane service that runs to Kangaroo Island is called Regional Express and has flights to and from Kangaroo Island daily. Bookings can be made through their website The planes leave from the main terminal at Adelaide Airport and land at Kingscote Airport and the flight time is approximately 30 minutes. The Kingscote Airport is about 15 minutes' drive to the main town centre of Kingscote which is where the Kangaroo Island Seaside Inn is located.  You can hire cars from Kingscote Airport through both Budget and Hertz or you can organise transfers to the town of Kingscote through KI Transfers.